Every year, the members of the Mediterranean Waterbirds Network (MWN) meet at workshops to discuss waterbird monitoring and wetland conservation in the Mediterranean region.

Report from the latest workshop: Turkey, 2023

On the 4th-5th of March 2023, the MWN reunited in Samsun, near one of the most important Ramsar sites of Turkey: the Kizilirmak delta.
The main topics of discussion were the results of the International Waterbird Census (IWC) in each country and suggestions on how to improve them. Other subjects were also discussed, like the challenges of analyzing rare species trends and exchanging ideas on technical reports.
Read the full report of the workshop here.

The previous workshops

You can find the reports of the workshops from all previous years by clicking on any of the link in the "See also" box.
Three years are missing:
In 2014, the workshop didn't take place due to the coordinator's unavailability.
In 2018, the members of the MWN met only in a limited meeting to work on the analyses of the scientific article of the network.
In 2020, the workshop didn't take place because of the covid-19 pandemic.
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