Since 2017, the Mediterranean Waterbird Network (MWN) has been exchanging with other Mediterranean countries, in addition to the five historical North African partners.
These new countries include France (LPO France), Spain (SEO BirdLife), Italy (ISPRA), Greece (HOS-BirdLife Greece), Turkey (ORC), but also Portugal, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia.
Discussions with these new countries have led to the development of a scientific poster to be presented at an international conference (EBBC, 2019), a scientific paper to be reviewed in a scientific journal and also summary reports on the status of waterbird counts in 10 of the countries actively participating in ROEM.
Please feel free to have a look and read the different reports produced, syntheses on IWCs between 2009 and 2018: the general synthesis chapter on the data of the other 10 countries and the introduction and the 10 "country" chapters (France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria et Morocco).

All reports can be downloaded HERE
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