Welcome to the site devoted to the Waterbirds in the Mediterranean region

Many groups of waterbirds in the Mediterranean basin have currently major conservation issues but are often poorly monitored and studied.
Mediterranean wetlands are breeding grounds for ducks, waders, gulls, flamingos, spoonbills, ibis, pelicans... but also major wintering areas and stop-over migration areas for dozens of species in transit between the Arctic, Northern Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.

The aim of this site is to help:
      • the creation and management of a network between Mediterranean partners involved in the conservation of waterbirds in the Mediterranean, whether professional or volunteer
      • to informe decision-makers and their awareness for the conservation of these species

This site is a collaborative platform allowing to exchange and disseminate information on waterbirds between the Mediterranean countries to help their conservation.
It aims also to raise awareness of conservation issues facing these species in the Mediterranean basin and promote conservation actions at the institutional, political and scientific level.

You will find in particularly discover in this website:
      • identification sheets of all waterbird species present in the region
      • information sheets on Mediterranean Ramasar sited of international importance
      • technical sheets for counting methods and for monitoring waterbirds
      • data system management allowing you to store and exchange data
      • Partners of this network and organisation working for the study and the protection of waterbirds
      • Bibliographic database
      • Survey report and Bulletin of the network

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